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 ISO 17025 Accreditation



​​​Year 2004 > Mesdan obtained ISO/IEC 9001 (as well as ISO/IEC 14001) certification*

ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management system irrespective of product or services provided.

Applicable also to companies providing Calibration Services (like Mesdan) entitling them to issue the Calibration Report for supplied equipment. This document does not mean that the company proved technical competences to produce accurate data, this because ISO 9001 focuses on quality management and not on personal technical knowledge and operations.

(*Certification = third party compliance assuring that a product or service conforms to specific requirements)​

Year 2019 > MESDAN LAB becomes a Calibration Lab, accredited* to ISO/IEC 17025

ISO 17025 is the worldwide dominant international standard for calibration and testing laboratories.

This standard means that the company internal resources and its personnel demonstrated technical competences to produce reliable data, measurements and calibrations.

Entitled to issue a Calibration Certificate (for the registered parameters/equipment), document that has legal force, equivalent to a document issued by a legal national meteorological laboratory.

Two kinds of ISO 17025 accreditations:

  • Calibration Laboratory (LAT)      > Mesdan registered LAT n° 279T (Accredia – ILAC)
  • Testing Laboratory (CAB)            > various testing houses

    Why ISO 17025
  • valuable tool to reduce product failure
  • to obtain more competitive measurement consistency
  • superior in case of quality disputes/ legal actions
  • declared uncertainty levels (CMC = Calibration and Measurement Capability).

    (* Accreditation = authoritative formal recognition of competence to carry out specific tasks)​