Laboratory equipment
The "MESDAN LAB" equipment line offers a complete range of instruments to perform control tests in laboratory or adjacent to the processing of different textile materials.

Among the various instruments available for the checking of fibres, yarns and fabrics, the portable equipment, developed for the constant monitoring of fibre and yarn quality nearby the machine is a valuable asset.

Another important feature of the control equipment is the Auto Cop Changer, a device for the automatic change of packages which, when connected to many MESDAN LAB instruments, allows an automatic control of the physical characteristics (such as torsion, friction coefficient, uniformity) of different yarn lots.

Moreover, MESDAN LAB can develop and supply complete laboratories, offering alternative solutions according to the amount of investment and certification of the equipment.

Over five decades of presence in the world textile markets coupled with the company's strong background in the design and manufacture of fine mechanism, places MESDAN LAB in the forefront of Laboratory Equipment manufacture.

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