Welcome to the MESDAN LAB catalogue!

MESDAN LAB catalogue is divided in four different sessions dedicated to the analysis of fibres, yarns, fabrics and small instruments which are employed to check production equipment. These small instruments include Tensiometers, yarn counters and many others which can be found in the Miscellany session of our lcatalogue.

Considering the wide range of joining devices in our product line, we thought of helping you in finding the device which most interests you by allowing to search the device by "product code" or by "categories" depending on how familiar you are with our products.

Search by category
If you have selected "search by categories" you must simply select:
- material to be tested
- test
- instrument characteristics

By selecting "type of material" you will automatically restrict the search within our range of instruments to test fibres yarns or fabrics.
By selecting "test", you will restrict the search to those instruments suitable for a specific test and by selecting "instrument characteristics" (capacity, accuracy, electric/manual functioning) will find the instrument which can really suit your analysis needs.

Research by product code
Visit our whole catalogue, or, if you know the code of the product that you are searching for then you can get directly to the card of the product in which you are interested. You simply need to enter the exact alphanumeric code in the field dedicated to the search by code.
In case you cannot find the yarn joining device of your interest or if you need to receive additional information, please contact us by using the information request form.

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